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Orders can be placed online at www.bungalow.dk, at trade fairs, in emails and on telephone. Provided that no other agreement has been made, all orders are placed at the current prices on the day of placing the order and are subject to strikes, lockouts and any other circumstance that is beyond our control.
Unless a written agreement has been made, the time of delivery stated is at the choice of Bungalow ApS. Should Bungalow ApS judge that the delivery time agreed upon cannot be observed or that a delay must be considered probable, the purchaser will receive written notice, if possible, of this as well as of the expected time of delivery. Should Bungalow ApS be unable to deliver the sold goods in accordance with the time of delivery agreed upon or in accordance with an extended delivery time as stated in the earlier, the purchaser shall be entitled to cancel the purchase. Bungalow ApS’s liability for any loss that the purchaser may suffer because of a delay is not the responsibility of Bungalow ApS.



Initial minimum order for new customers: Customers inside Europe EUR 1500/DKK 10000 Customers outside Europe EUR 2000
Orders below EUR 500/DKK 4000 will be charged an administration fee of EUR 30/ DKK 225



International customers: advance payment (Pro Forma Invoice)
Danish customers: advance payment for the first 3 orders hereafter 10 days from receipt of invoice


Step one

When placing an order online or at a fair processed through our scanning system you will receive a receipt of your order listing your purchase alongside pictures of the items ordered. Your order is now being processed and within the next working days, we will handle your order and send your order confirmation, inclusive approximate delivery time. During holidays, some delays will occur.

Step two
Please read and check the order confirmation carefully and inform us in case of errors. If we have not heard from you within 2 days, we consider the attached order confirmed, and we are looking forward to processing your order. Kindly note that the order confirmation is not your invoice and hence not to be paid. When your order is ready you will receive a proforma invoice / invoice including freight for payment. All details about the payment is found in the e-mail text of your Proforma Invoice/Invoice.


We do our best to be correct but information online, in catalogues, price lists, etc. regarding weight, dimensions, MOQ's, color, and data are subject to typing/printing errors and will only be binding to the extent that a written agreement particularly refers to them.


Bungalow ApS reserves the right to make any changes to the design, form, etc. without any previous notice to the purchaser, should Bungalow ApS consider it necessary. Any such changes shall only entitle the purchaser to cancel the purchase if the purchaser can prove that a certain design, form, etc. was a precondition for the purchase. Any changes made, and a cancellation of the purchase therefore, shall not entitle the purchaser to any damages.


All Bungalow ApS products are provided with EAN Codes and packed carefully in MOQ’s (exact MOQ can be found in the catalogue, online and in the pricelist). The prices stated in offers, order confirmations and agreements are exclusive special packaging/marking, special handling, special labelling, special documents such as Certificate of Origin as well as VAT and any government taxes provided that no other agreement applies.


Bungalow ApS takes care of the freight for all orders, unless otherwise agreed. Freight rates are always subject to our Freight Loyalty Program.
Fragile and odd size items such as lanterns, ceramics and glassware must be sent on pallets unless otherwise agreed. Fragile and odd size items list can be edited over time. These items may activate an extra freight calculation for the final geographical destination. If any questions, never hesitate to contact Bungalow ApS on info@bungalow.dk


All items are sold ex works cf. incoterms, unless otherwise agreed. Bungalow ApS shall give the purchaser adequate notice by means of sending the invoice for the consignment as soon as the cargo leaves the warehouse in Denmark.



The payment terms of Bungalow ApS are as stated on the proforma invoice/invoice. Should the purchaser not pay in due time, and the delay is not caused by Bungalow ApS, Bungalow ApS shall be entitled to charge a compensation fee default of EUR13,40/DKK100 and interest from the due date equal to 2% per month above the discount rate of the Danish Central Bank in force at any time. The delivery shall remain the property of Bungalow ApS until full payment has been made. We reserve the right to forward rights to Debt Collection if the terms of payment are not met.


Should a delivery from Bungalow ApS cause damage, Bungalow ApS shall be responsible for any personal injuries if it is proved that the damage is allocated to actions or omissions made by Bungalow ApS. Bungalow ApS shall not be responsible for damage to real and personal property. Bungalow ApS shall under no circumstances be liable for consequential loss, loss of income, or any other indirect losses. Should Bungalow ApS incur third-party liability, the purchaser undertakes to indemnify Bungalow ApS to the extent that such liability exceeds the limits established above. The purchaser undertakes to have his or her case tried at the same court as the one trying the claim for damages against Bungalow ApS in connection with damages allegedly caused by a delivery from Bungalow ApS.


The following circumstances shall imply exemption from liability when they occur after entering the agreement and act as a hindrance to the fulfillment of the agreement. Industrial and religious disputes, strikes, lockouts and any other circumstance beyond the control of the parties such as fire, war, mobilization or unforeseen military call-ups of a similar extent, acts of sabotage, requisition, embargos, exchange controls, riots and commotions, lack of means of transportation, ordinary scarcity of goods, restrictions on fuels and defective deliveries from sub-suppliers or delay of such deliveries caused by any of the circumstances mentioned in this item. The party wishing to invoke any of the circumstances mentioned shall, without undue delay, advise the other party in writing of the start and termination of the event. Both parties shall be entitled to cancel the agreement by written notice to the other party when the performance of the agreement within reasonable time will be impossible due to any of the circumstances mentioned in this item.
We are not liable for delays or failures to comply with our obligations under the Terms if the delay or failure to comply is due to Force Majeure events outside our reasonable control. Force Majeure events shall mean, but is not limited to, governmental restrictions, wars, war-like actions, civil commotions, riots, uprising, revolutions, strikes, epidemics, or pandemics recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), including delays resulting from any upcoming or worsening outbreaks of pandemics, fires and floods, storms, earthquakes, and other acts of God.


Disputes in connection with the agreement and the provisions hereof shall be settled according to Danish law with the Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court acting as venue.
Initial orders shall be a minimum of EUR 1500/DKK 10000 within Europe and EUR 2000 outside Europe. As standard all orders must be paid for in advance. Accordingly, the customer will receive a pro forma invoice, containing all the information necessary. The pro forma invoice must be paid 10 days from the date of issue. If payment deadline is approaching, Bungalow ApS recommends the customer to email a copy of the payment transfer to accounts@bungalow.dk. The goods will be reserved in this period.

Timely payment of goods from Bungalow ApS shall take place within the date stated in your e-mail for the payment request/invoice.
Remember to state your account name, order and invoice no.

Payment and bank details in DKK:
Danske Bank
Munkeengen 30 1
DK-3400 Hilleroed
Reg. Nr. 1471
Account no 0010096308

Payment and bank details in EURO:
Danske Bank
Munkeengen 30 1
DK-3400 Hilleroed

Reg No. 3543
Account No. 4779823717
IBAN: DK2030004779823717

Visa card and Master card payments are accepted.

Bungalow ApS accepts orders from customers who have a due balance. However, Bungalow ApS cannot deliver goods before the due balance has been fully paid.

Sales of Bungalow ApS’s goods is only allowed to end-consumers. Intercompany sales and sales to other companies is not allowed without Bungalow ApS’s permission.

Complaints to Bungalow ApS shall be made immediately and at the latest within 7 days from the date of invoice. Claims must be forwarded to service@bungalow.dk

When receiving goods from Bungalow ApS’s, special attention should be paid to boxes and pallets checking if they look damaged on the outer package. Please note that the content may be defect and has been damaged during transport without any signs of it showing on the outer package at receipt. Please unpack immediately and check your goods thoroughly.
Bungalow ApS must be informed immediately if any damages – please write an email to service@bungalow.dk - containing a description of the damage and the invoice number, together with an attached picture of the damaged goods. Visible damage upon receipt must be noted at the delivery note as well. Hidden damage must be reported to Bungalow Aps within 7 days from receipt.

Bungalow ApS undertakes, without undue delay, to make a replacement delivery or a repair should the delivery be defective in a way that is owed to the design, material, or manufacture. Remedying shall not include any instances in which defects are the result of the delivery not being maintained and used in full keeping with the instructions from Bungalow ApS’s, wrong or inappropriate use, modifications or technical interventions made without the written consent from Bungalow ApS or extraordinary climatic impacts. Ordinary wear and tear are not covered by the remedying right.

Bungalow ApS supplies a series of handmade products, among others handmade paper, boxes and hand block printed textiles, hand glazed ceramics and glassware. These articles we treasure as being a substantial part of our collection. Since they are handmade varieties occur and the small spots, differences in glace, prints and texture are likely. These varieties are not considered defects but the charm of a handmade product. The products are marked “handmade” on the labelling.

Standard goods may be returned by the customer during a period of 30 days from the date of invoice/date of delivery, however, only upon a written agreement. Returned goods must be in original unbroken packaging and marked with the number of invoice/delivery note from Bungalow ApS. The customer will pay for the return delivery. Bungalow ApS will credit returned goods with a 25% deduction (min. EUR 50/ DKK 350,-)
as a handling fee. Specially ordered goods, special offers and goods outside the standard product line cannot be returned.

Images can be found for free downloads online ( www.bungalow.dk/Press) and can be used by our customers and the press. On Instagram/Facebook and other social media the pictures may be used by tagging @bungalowdk or #Bungalowdenmark and by mentioning Bungalow’s ownership of the photo. Logo, texts and other material on www.bungalow.com may only be used in other contexts with permission from Bungalow ApS.

Bungalow ApS is closed on the following days:
Christmas and New Year: December 24-31st & January 1 st.
Easter: from Thursday before Easter till Monday after Easter i.e., inclusive Maundy Thursday and
Good Friday
Pentecost Monday
One week in July (details online/though newsletter)

Bungalow will process your personal data collected during the exchange of email and/or attached documents, to meet your requests, handling orders, communicate with you, as well as for the establishment of contractual relations and for their subsequent management. The provision of such data is instrumental to the exchange of communications and, consequently, to the correct management of relations between Bungalow and its customers, consultants and suppliers. Failure to provide such data could compromise the establishment or correct execution of a possible contractual relationship with Bungalow.
We will process your data through automated and manual means for the purposes indicated above and we can share it with our suppliers as part of their support and assistance activities and with our authorized and appropriately trained personnel.
Your data is generally processed in the EU, but in case we transfer your data to third countries, we proceed to adopt appropriate warranties such as contractual means, including the conclusion of standard contractual clauses as required by GDPR.
We can store your data for the period necessary to pursue the purposes for which data is collected and, in any case, we will delete it within ten years from the end of our relationship.
We also remind you that, by writing an email to info@bungalow.dk , it is possible to have more information on the processing of your personal data and to exercise the rights referred to in articles 15-22 of the GDPR, such as the right of access, update and deletion of data, the portability of data and the right to limit or object the processing of your data.
If you believe that your personal data are not processed in accordance with the law or there are complaints about their use, you can lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority of the member state where you live, work, or where you think the alleged violation has occurred.
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