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the story of block printing


For thousands of years, Indian artisans have been making decorative block prints enchanting and inspiring around the world. The art of block printing is passed down from generation to generation and to achieve the highest quality we are working with some of the best block printers in India. Block printed textiles are all handmade products and the printing process is lengthy and complex. Each piece is unique. Be ready to embrace varieties in colour and irregularities as part of the product. We do not consider them imperfections, but charming reminders of the handmade excellence.  

Skilled craftsmen stamp the cloth using carved wooden blocks to imprint the designs onto the fabric. Depending on the number of colors and the intricacy of the designs, the printer handstamps the cloth hundreds or even thousands of times to complete a Bungalow textile. We love the charm and vividness of these traditional prints and hope that they will bring joy to your own bungalow.